‘The Accident Season’ by Moira Fowley-Doyle – Book Review by Amanda

This is a powerful tale of family, love and magic all gloriously combined and delivered through the eyes of 17 year old Cara.  It is both thought provoking and sometimes disturbing as the story crystallises and leads you to its conclusion as you accompany Cara on her journey as she tries to make sense of the events that surround her life.

This story exemplifies how we are able to create our own reality and sometimes blur the lines between fact and fiction to accommodate what we think we know.   An accomplished novel – can’t wait for more!


‘Tinder’ by Sally Gardner – Book Review By Hayley

Tinder by Sally Gardner

Illustrated by David Roberts

 This is a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of Otto Hundebiss, a soldier wounded in battle in the 30 years war in Europe. This dark fairy tale is a re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Tinder box’ and at the start this retelling by Sally Gardner, and Otto’s journey, he meets a mysterious man-beast who gives him dice to guide him towards where he needs to go. Otto follows the directions of the dice where they lead him to cross paths with werewolves, witches and a beautiful woman named Safire. Are the places where he meets these magical creatures where he needs to be?

 Otto’s fate becomes tied with the tinder box he comes across on his journey and further mysteries unfold and the story of his fate, love and the encounters with the wolves and witches all come together beautifully. All seems to be going well for him, could our beloved Otto’s story end happily with all that his heart desires? Or do the dice that have guided him along his journey tell him to take another path?

The story has a very mysterious tone to the writing and at first I was left wondering where the story was going to lead, however all the characters come together and the story takes shape with rich dark themes. The illustrations really give this book more depth and enhance the mystery of the story. An enjoyable dark fairy tale.